In 2021, I was asked to join a team tasked with introducing an icon to the Signet corporate logo. This logo is featured prominently on investor materials and publicity, and would have heavy. The research process took some time, but eventually, a clear answer emerged.
The company's mission statement, "Celebrate Love," led to some creative play in negative space, and what we eventually referred to internally as "the whispy heart," was born. This heart is fashioned using the "S" in the existing wordmark, cut from a red oval. 
Juxtaposed with the rest of the logo, there is a sense of completeness and symmetry that the organization was looking for. I'm grateful that I had this experience, and that the work that I did with Signet will live on for some time to come.
Logo Design: Chris Reinecke
Creative Direction: Brittany Quintana
Photography Direction: Chris Reinecke, via MidJourney

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