As a Creative Director with over 16 years of experience, I have influenced the creative vision and strategy for some of the most recognizable brands in the retail industry. I have a proven track record of delivering innovative and impactful creative solutions that drive revenue, conversion, and customer loyalty.

Most recently, I was an Art Director at Signet Jewelers, where I delivered brand and creative strategies for flagship promotional campaigns across multiple channels and platforms. I also redesigned the Peoples Jewelers logo and established brand guidelines to create a consistent and modern look and feel. My passion is to develop creative teams and equip them to deliver unparalleled customer experiences that leverage creative problem solving and differentiate the company. That's why I am especially proud to have defined and written the creative process for Solera's creative marketing team. This exercise included a series of operations documents, the implementation of a tech stack that included Data Asset Management, Project Management, and marketing reporting tools, as well as training a team of 60 professionals to follow these new procedures. In doing so, I utilized my skills in creative operations and project management, and most importantly, empowered the creative team to create business cases that would justify their activities and help team members focus their efforts. As a result, the team tripled their output in just 3 months, while simultaneously aligning their efforts to strategic rationale.

I have also maintained a small, after-hours freelance branding studio, for over 7 years, to stay ahead of the curve and explore the bounds of brand strategy, through which I have earned multiple awards and recognition in the field.

My mission is to create memorable and engaging brand stories that connect with customers and inspire loyalty.
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