The KickGrass Lawn Care brand was born out of a trade deal that never came to fruition. When a residential lawn care company reached out for help developing their brand, we sought out the opportunity to cast a larger vision.
Agency: Reinecke Design
Client: Kick Grass Lawn Care
Brand Strategy/Naming: Chris Reinecke
Creative Direction: Chris Reinecke
Logo Design: Chris Reinecke
Copywriting: Chris Reinecke
Stock Images: Adobe Stock
We worked out a trade deal that would cover naming, design, go-to-market messaging, and a handful of marketing materials, to get them started.

Opting for a bombastic name that would turn heads, we offset the rebellious attitude with structured and formal visuals to demonstrate the work ethic that drives the service.
Finally, the headlines, "Kiss Lawn Envy Goodbye," and "Take back the block," were developed as a finishing blow. A convergence of the boldness of the KickGrass name, and the formality of the visuals, these statements would make it clear to prospects that the hard work and passion on display was at their disposal to meet their needs.
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