Employer: Haggar Clothing Co.
Freelance Graphic Designer: Chris Reinecke

Creative Director, Photography: Jonathan Potter
In 2017, I was hired by Haggar Clothing Co. for several months to assist with design of e-commerce web graphics, e-mails, and occasional print materials. The Order Stuffer above is a promotional postcard that would be added to shipments following web purchases. 
I was once asked for input on the user experience. Among a few operational logistics, I noticed that the shipping containers were in need of an upgrade. 

At the time, users could order a full suit online, but when it arrived, the experience was lacking. The budget packing envelopes used to ship pants, and the stock shipper corrugate boxes used for suits were missed opportunities to reinforce branding, and suggested a negative opinion of the product. To achieve a more boutique experience, I recommended a custom branded box with protective tissue and notched cutouts for hangers. The combination of white printed boxes and protective tissue would send the message that each order was valuable and packed with care, supporting the opportunity for higher margin sales.
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