Agency: Reinecke Design
Client: Beauty by Gigi
Brand Strategy: Chris Reinecke
Creative Direction: Chris Reinecke
Logo Design: Chris Reinecke
Stock Images: Adobe Stock, Client-Provided
GiGi Davison is a Denton-Area stylist and master colorist with a fashion-forward style, and the ability to make every client feel relaxed and confident in the chair. She hired Reinecke Design to develop her brand identity system in 2022, citing an interest in branding as a way to better reach clients and establish name recognition. 

Through the process, we were able to show how brand positioning and consistent voice and visuals work together to make that recognition even more valuable. We identified her brand values as: luxury experience, quality service, and self-care. Through her service, clients come out of the experience ready to slay—and every touchpoint of her brand is engineered to reflect this.
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