There's a special kind of satisfaction that comes from working with other creatives to help showcase their talent and their value.
That's one of the reasons working with Henna by Bethany was such a delight!
Agency: Reinecke Design
Client: Henna By Bethany
Brand Strategy: Chris Reinecke
Creative Direction: Chris Reinecke
Photography: Gabriel Konkle
The project began as many do - with a logo request.

But building a logo on its own is not enough to help a business reach the market. After working with the artist, it became clear that she was all about building up people, and helping them shine.

We hired photographer Gabriel Konkle to help with service photography and landed a suite of lovely images that would be used in the artist's website, signage, business cards and every other marketing touchpoint.
As Henna by Bethany continues to land larger events, her marketing needs will continue to grow—and having her guidelines established early, along with a suite of marketing tools at the ready will help reduce labor costs and creative expenses later on.
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